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Spirulina powder 250.


Source of natural protein. Spirulina has been declared by UNESCO as the food of the millennium, due to its many vitamins, minerals, and proteins of high quality, which has many benefits for your health.

What is it?

Spirulina green is considered as one of the superfoods that are more nutritious that exist. Spirulina is an alga verdi-blue, microscopic, and with a spiral shape, hence its name. It is cultivated in freshwater lakes in tropical and subtropical areas. The aztecs already cultivated and consumed as a super nutrient. Since the 70's has become very popular because of its properties, mineralizing and its high concentration of proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and essential amino acids. Among its qualities include the cleaning of the blood, the cell regeneration, the improvement of the intestinal flora (inhibiting the formation of fungi and yeasts), as well as the healing of anemia due to their high amounts of iron.

What are its properties?

Spirulina is the highest known source of protein bio-available (65%), with a content of 8 essential amino acids. With respect to its consumption, it is much easier to digest and assimilate the soy or other protein of animal origin.

Exceptionally rich in vitamin B-12 and iron, making it ideal for states of anemia.

It is a great restorative mood.

Contains Gamma linolenic Acid (GLA), one of the essential fatty acids necessary to alleviate skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis.

Helps the weight loss to be an effective anti-inflammatory.

Relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and, it is highly recommended to improve symptoms of depression and schizophrenia, improving the functions of the brain.

Contains large amounts of Chlorophyll, a powerful anti-carcinogenic, energizing, purifying and regenerating cell.

Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, K, B-12, and in particular, large amounts of beta-carotene (Provitamin A), a powerful antioxidant that reduces your risk of breast cancer.

It is a great remineralizador, with large amounts of Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Manganese, Chromium, Phosphorus, Sodium, and Zinc.

Indicated for a safe transition to vegetarianism and veganism.

How to take it?

If used as a preventative, the recommended dose is 5 to 10 g per day. In case of cleaning or serious diseases, the dose would be 15 to 30 g per day. In the case of athletes and athletes in general, the dose would be from 30 to 60 g per day.

We encourage you to include Spirulina little by little in the mediterranean diet, cocinándola in dishes or stews typical, in the form of smoothies and green juice or fruit, along with sauces and seasonings.

Goes very well with the orange juice or sprinkled on salads, soups, creams and vegetables.

Specifications of the Spirulina Powder Ecolife

Country of origin: China

Product presentation: Powder

Scientific name of product: Arthrospira Platensis


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