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Nibs Cocoa 250.


Pieces of happiness. The Nibs of Cocoa is a food that is considered a macronutrient. It comes from cacao seeds, whole and roasted, ideal for elevating the mood of all the senses.

What is it?

The Nibs or Cacao seeds green are one of the superfoods more powerful, thanks to their nutritional qualities, both for our brain as cardiac system. The Nibs of Cocoa containing one of the largest sources of magnesium, and antioxidants that we can find in nature. In addition, they contain chemical substances of the ecstasy as Anandamide, Theobromina, Serotonin, Phenylethylamine and Tryptophan, capable of boosting our mood to the creative thinking, mindfulness, increase energy, providing us with a feeling of happiness and well-being. The authentic properties of the cacao or chocolate are unknown to the vast majority of the people, but to be able to preserve such properties, it is necessary not roasted or refine the cocoa in excess.

The Nibs Cocoa are the pieces that form the seed of the cocoa, the so-called Seeds of Cocoa

What are its properties?

It is the first source of magnesium mineral alkalinizante that strengthens the heart and strengthens the heart, reducing blood pressure and preventing blood clotting.

Reduces pre-menstrual symptoms, relaxes the nervous system, promotes sleep, and muscle relaxation.

The magnesium from the cacao helps to fix calcium in the bones, preventing osteoporosis and calcification, the cause of the acidification and its consequent diseases.

Possess a high concentration of antioxidants that make these Nibs Cocoa a true fountain of youth.

The polyphenols and flavonoids in Raw Cacao act by absorbing and neutralizing free radicals that cause oxidation in our body and its aging.

Help fight free radicals to prevent premature aging, especially in athletes with a high physical performance.

How to take it?

The Nibs of Cocoa can be mixed into smoothies, cereals, mueslis, yoghurts, etc

Specifications of the Nibs of Cocoa Ecolife

Country of origin: Peru

Product presentation: Seeds

Scientific name of product: Theobroma Cacao


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