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Maca powder 250.


Invigorating natural with properties very nutritious. His fame argues that these roots have properties that are very effective to increase fertility, and improve libido.


What is it?

Known worldwide as Maca andean or Peruvian Maca. Maca green is cultivated for thousands of years in the andean highlands and central regions of Peru, located at heights between 3600 and 4600 meters above sea level. It has been used by several cultures in the andes pre-inca as a essential food to withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the andean altiplano. The first botanical studies dating back to 1843, although they had already records and documents of the Spanish making reference to the qualities of Maca and its culture. There are documents that attest to the fact that the people of the highlands was advised by the Spanish to give Maca to their horses, as horses were losing strength and fertility because of the height and, when you check the quick recovery of their animals, the Spanish began to recognize their property marketing to Spain in those years of the conquest, being its use in the oblivion until the end of the TWENTIETH century. From the 60s the Maca makes it interesting for the world of nutrition and natural medicine and traditional, becoming very popular in the united States as in Europe and Japan. Already entered the TWENTY-first century, the Maca is one of the superfoods and nutritional supplements, more well-known, used in the world due to its nutritional properties and medicinal.

It is one of the foods chosen by NASA for its astronauts.

What are its properties?

Increases energy and vitality, reducing physical and mental fatigue.

Invigorating effect for people of all ages.

Potent regulator hormone in women as in men.

Help in the process of menopause and andropause, relieving their symptoms.

Regulates menstrual cycles, and aid in pain pre-menstrual.

Regulates the functions of the thyroid gland and the entire endocrine system.

Strengthens the immune system.

It helps to create a blood of a better quality.

Improving the states of anaemia due to their iron content.

Helps in osteoporosis facilitating a better calcification of the bones.

Increases male and female fertility.

It helps to increase the libido as well as sexual function.

Restorative mood indicated for convalescents which need a higher nutritional value.

Highly recommended for athletes and athletes, due to his power and energizing vitalizante.

Help in the creation of muscle and body mass, as a perfect natural substitute for anabolic steroids.

You have the 10 essential amino acids and a high concentration of minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Iodine, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Silicon, Manganese, Copper, Selenium, Bismuth, and Zinc, as well as vitamins B1, B2, C, and E.

Maca presents no restrictions or contraindications severe and can be consumed by people of all ages.

How to take it?

Maca combines well with almost everything, whether it be sweet or savory. It is best to take it in the breakfast and feel full of energy throughout the day. The daily amount for an adult is a teaspoon, to begin with and gradually increase to a tablespoon if what you need is a good nutritional value, or if you're doing a lot of effort, intellectual or physical. It is, therefore, advisable for students in times of study or for sportsmen and athletes with high physical performance.

Maca, due to its light sweet flavor, you can add all kinds of fruit shakes, as for example a smoothie of banana, strawberry or Raw Cacao Powder. You'll also be pleased dissolved in vegetable milks, mixed in cereal or granola with yogurt or Kefir, and even sprinkled on your toast for breakfast.

Maca league very well in sauces and dressings for salads, creamed vegetables or mashed potatoes.

Specifications of Maca Powder Ecolife

Country of origin: Peru

Product presentation: Powder

Scientific name of product: Lepidium Meyenii

Additional information

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