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Wheat grass powder 200 g.


The purifier par excellence. The Wheat Grass or Wheatgrass food is one of the most effective natural to alkalize the blood and increase vitality and energy.

What is it?

The Wheat Grass organic or Wheatgrass or is it a great ally for your health, considered to be a superfood due to the amount of vitamins and minerals that it contains. Although wheat, the Wheat Grass is suitable for coeliacs because it does not contain gluten, as it is found in the seed. The Wheat Grass, considered as a powerful chlorophyll raw, it is also a complete protein which contains 17 amino acids, making it a food 3 times more protein than meat. It contains almost 30 enzymes and is a powerful antioxidant that inhibits the formation of free radicals. 


What are its properties?

Purifies, alkalise, detoxify, clean and restructures the blood. 

With a great effect on the circulatory system and oxygen supply. The chlorophyll that contains the Wheat Grass and the hemoglobin (red blood cells) are molecularly similar. The only real difference is that the central element of the chlorophyll is magnesium, whereas that of hemoglobin is iron. Chlorophyll has the ability to break down the carbon dioxide is poisonous and the release of free oxygen. This inhibits and reduces the action of anaerobic bacteria (disease-producing micro-organisms). It has been shown that Wheat Grass produces red blood cells quickly after ingestion, normalizing high blood pressure, and stimulating the growth of healthy cells and tissue.

In combination with other foods alive and fresh, it is very good for blood disorders of all kinds, including those of anemia.

Removes heavy metals.

Helps with detoxification and regeneration of the liver. 

It is antibacterial and antiviral.

Nourishes the brain and the immune system.

Regulates the metabolism.

Prevents degenerative diseases.

Cleans and purifies the intestines. After an enema for example, the Wheat Grass is excellent for healing and detoxifying the colon walls, as well as the filtering of the internal organs. 

It is excellent in cases of constipation in to keep the bowels active.

It drains the lymphatic system, carrying away toxins from the body.

Increases healthy cells and prevents the appearance of gray hair. 

Helps to overcome dandruff. It must rub the juice of Wheat Grass on the scalp and transferred to 10 minutes, wash with shampoo and rinse.

Relieves arthritis and rheumatism, especially when there is an imbalance, and injury to the tendons, joints or degenerative diseases. 

Helps breakdown of the mucosa and allows it to drain, thus relieving the pressure. 

Reduces high blood pressure and provides iron in the blood to improve circulation.

Reduces psoriasis and has beneficial effects on the capillaries.

The Wheat Grass is a invigorating, providing a great vitality that is maintained throughout the day.


How to take it? 

The best way to take the Wheat Grass is with fruit juices or added to smoothies and vegetables. For example, from a juice or smoothie with 6 centilitres of Wheatgrass can we get a nutritional value equivalent to 2 pounds of green vegetables, organic content of vitamins and minerals.


Specifications of Wheat Grass Powder Ecolife

Country of origin: China

Product presentation: Powder 

Scientific name of product: Triticum Aestivum


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