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Chlorella powder 125gr.


A potent detoxifier with natural anti-ageing properties. The alga Chlorella contains a hormone that stimulates the natural growth and cell regeneration.

What is it?

Chlorella green is a micro-algae color verdi-blue cultivated in fresh water pools. It is believed that they were originally in charge of synthesizing the oxygen in the atmosphere. It is the highest known source of Chlorophyll and its CFG (Growth Factor), which help cell regeneration and strengthen the immune system. The Chorella is exceptionally rich in protein, contains all essential amino acids, being this way a source of complete protein and high biological quality. Containing high doses of antioxidants, vitamins C, D, E, K1, B2, B3, B6, Folic Acid, and is very rich in minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium and Manganese.

What are its properties?

It is a potent detoxifier (for the cleanup of heavy metals), by trapping toxins and leading to their complete withdrawal outside the body.

It helps to clean the digestive system.

Strengthens the immune system.

Promotes cell regeneration due to the CFG (Growth Factor).

It is recommended in cases of anemia.

Stabilizes the blood pressure.

Antiaging effect.

Increases energy and vitality daily.

Help to level sugar in blood.

How to take it?

For cases of disease (anaemia) is recommended a teaspoon (5 g) in a glass of water, taken three times a day and before every meal. If taken as a preventative, it would be enough with one teaspoon in our desserts, smoothies, fruit juices, sauces, dressings, etc Chlorella is very rich in the juice of orange or lemon juice, smoothies, apple and celery, or green smoothies that includes lettuce, spinach, cucumber, apple, chlorella and olive oil.

Specifications of the Chlorella Powder Ecolife

Country of origin: China

Product presentation: Powder

Scientific name of product: Chlorella Vulgaris


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