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Wakame seaweed 25gr.


The Wakame Seaweed green is shown to promote cell regeneration, acting as a potent desintoxicadador of the blood. Its use is highly recommended for athletes for its energizing effects and remineralizadores.


What is it?

The Wakame Seaweed green is one of those gifts from the sea. This alga is famous for its qualities to lose weight, although it also has many other virtues. The Wakame Seaweed powder is a variety of seaweed much used in the japanese cuisine, especially for its pleasant taste and its versatility as an ingredient. Since a few decades ago it also grows on the coast of Galicia (Spain), France and in the region of Brittany, to obtain dried, fresh and salt. It is a food rich in calcium, iodine and other minerals. A great companion plant for many dishes, which can be cooked daily, being an attractive way of introducing a large dose of minerals are very important for the proper functioning of the body. In Japan and Korea, the Wakame Seaweed has been growing for centuries, even today, these countries are still the largest producers and consumers of this plant marine.


What are its properties?

In addition to containing high amounts of minerals, the Wakame Seaweed is also characterized by its contribution in vitamin A, C and group B, mainly vitamin B12 and B1, very much needed to prevent anemia, nervous system, and to maintain blood in a perfect condition, getting to improve the health of the organism in general. It is especially rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Between its nutritional benefits we can highlight:

Regenerates the quality of the blood.

Has detoxifying properties.

The Wakame Seaweed is recommended in diets for people with hypertension.

Stimulates the production of hormones.

Suitable for postpartum recovery.

Helps to improve the secretions of the kidneys and liver.

Drinking small amounts of Wakame Seaweed prevents constipation.

Provides antioxidants to prevent the oxidation and fermentation of food.

You can decrease the blood pressure.


Warn your iodine content makes it a snap not advisable in cases of alteration of the thyroid gland.


How to take it?

Submerge them in water with a little salt for 20 minutes. Change the water and keep soaking for 20 min. When hydrates increases 14 times their dry weight. Cooking the leaves of Wakame is necessary to cut them in small pieces, because they expand a lot during cooking. The Wakame Seaweed as the Kombu Seaweed (very similar to nutritional level), have the ability to soften the fibers of the ingredients that are used in conjunction to it. Can be taken with rice, in soups or salads, in addition to being cooked in casseroles typical. To get that intense green colour, sweet taste and the texture feature, it is necessary to cook for 15 and 20 minutes. 


Specifications of the Wakame Seaweed Ecolife

Country of origin: Spain

Presentation of the product: Seaweed, dehydrated

Scientific name of product: Undaria Pinnatifida

Additional information

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