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Kombu seaweed 25gr.


The Alga Kombu green provides multiple beneficial nutrients for the body. This food is very used for strict vegetarians, as it provides large amounts of iron and plant protein to prevent deficiencies.


What is it?

It is said that the Alga Kombu green (Laminaria Japonica) is the main source of flavor in japanese food. This seaweed is one of the main ingredients used to make Dashi. The Kombu Seaweed, dried has a very characteristic taste to which he has been given the name "Umami", which is considered the fifth of the five basic tastes. It is a seaweed that is widely cultivated in Japan, and today can be found fresh, dried or frozen in almost all the markets of the world. 

The Kombu Seaweed stands out for its remineralizing properties, its high iodine content and do more digestive and less flatulent vegetables.


What are its properties?

Acts as a debugger natural due to its content of alginic acid.

Strengthens the intestines, being used as a remedy for colitis.

Low rate of sugar in the blood.

Due to its wealth of iodine, has been used for centuries in China, for the treatment of gout.

The Alga Kombu contains amino acids that act as a mild stimulant to the mucous membranes and lymphatic system.

It is beneficial for hypertension.

It facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the body.

It helps to recover the normal-weight body, balancing both in cases of obesity, such as deficiencies of weight.

It is recommended to circulatory problems.


How to take it?

Submerge them in water with a little salt for 20 minutes. Change the water and keep soaking for 20 min. When hydrates increases to 7 times its dry weight. Thanks to its rich in glutamic acid, softens the fibers of the vegetables or other foods, reducing the cooking time of our stews or dishes, while increasing the flavor and digestibility. 

Due to the great wealth in minerals to the Alga Kombu is widely used for treatments on the face and body. It helps our skin to remove toxins, providing many of the nutrients that make your skin feel renewed, toned and incredibly soft. For its preparation in the kitchen should be cooked for 35 and 40 minutes. 


Specifications of the Alga Kombu Ecolife

Country of origin: Spain

Presentation of the product: Seaweed, dehydrated 

Scientific name of product: Laminaria Ochroleuca 

Additional information

Weight 0,053 kg


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